Gary Spivey, Ph.D.

Director of Engineering projects


Engineering Challenge



GrowCube is aimed squarely at STEM education and making the growing and harvesting of plants easy for schools of all types and locations. Developed for education with an accompanying curriculum, the cube allows students to test the effects of environmental factors on plant growth.



SitAct Most of us have lousy posture and the students behind SitAct want to do something about it. The product is a pad that will measure and analyze your posture when you sit on it and sends alerts to your computer when better posture adjustments are needed.



FoodWare saving the world one spoon at a time, FoodWare designed an edible spoon that can be manufactured with a simple and easy-to-use ceramic mold in combination with common ingredients found in any household.

George Fox University Servant Engineering provides an avenue through which engineering students and professional partners can work together to develop technical solutions for organizations that are primarily focused on serving others. Two teams are selected from the program to compete at InventOR Collegiate Challenge

The Fishable


The Fishable team designed a fishing reel for amputees and others who have full use of only one arm in order to help enthusiasts enjoy the sport of fishing without limit.



A rearview mirror for people with disabilities. The students behind Team Hindsight — Drake Dawson, Zac Barley, Kiana Heitzman and Jillian Ramos — share a passion for helping people. That’s what drives the invention of a mirror that helps anyone using a mobility device navigate safely.

Access to Microfluidics


Team Access to Microfluidics has been spending some time in the natural world getting to know the awesome power of microfluidics. Now they want to bring this knowledge and experience to students through a kit that makes it easy and affordable to teach and understand these qualities.

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