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About those school shootings ... a word with Lyfe Tech

Lyfe Tech wants to help parents, students, and teachers feel better about being in school. The growing anxiety around school shootings is a problem worth solving, and the Lyfe (it stands for Leave Yesterday's Fears Extinct) is using technology to do it.

We caught up with Alexis Figueroa-Gutierrez to learn more about the concept and how the prototype is coming.

1. Sadly, new school shootings have continued to dominate the headlines since Lyfe Tech joined the InventOR competition. How have current events informed or motivated your prototype development?

Alexis Figueroa-Gutierrez: Current events have informed us and inspired us to find information on the demand for a new age in civil safety, seeing and hearing about news of tragic events is all the more motivation to continue our work developing new tech

2. Where do you turn for invention inspiration?

Alexis: We turn to our own entrepreneurial instincts for inspiration as well as seeking out current information and dialogues on the entrepreneurial journeys and ventures of others in the business community

3. What's the six-word story about your invention that you came up with at Lab2Market?








4. Now that it's almost time for the final round of the competition, what advice would you give to a student thinking about joining the InventOR journey next year?

Alexis: To future students, use your vision of positive change to inspire the development of your entrepreneurial ambitions, take a chance and share your ideas.

5. Are you going to win on June 29? :) Why or why not?

Alexis: We see competing in the competition itself as a win. Being able to talk about public safety as well as digest the intriguing ideas of others, as a great chance to increase our scope of the entrepreneurial field, although we do expect everyone participating in the competition to bring their A-Game.

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