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Eric Lee

Engineering Instructor 

The Great Outdoors
Innovation Challenge

The Great Outdoors Innovation Challenge! Compete to win $22500 prototyping grant, build an innovative solution for today outdoors! Take your concept from idea to reality with the great outdoors challenge. 

The Bobber


The Bobber developed a motorized fishing bobber that moves and connects via Bluetooth for advanced controls leading to more exciting and effective fishing. The Bobber team was led by Clackamas Community College student German Sabillon.

The Aero Dome


The Aera Dome team offered a semi-automated aeroponic system that grows 21 plants from seedlings to maturity in about one cubic foot. The team was made up of Clackamas Community College students Hannah Reed, environmental science and Bram Fouts computer science. 

Solar Water


A solar powered water filtration system. A team of students were inspired by the sun and the need for clean ware and came up with a water filtration system powered by sunlight. 



Imagine backpacking in the wilderness and being able to charge your device just using the heat of your body. While finding a cell signal out there might be another issue entirely, a reality where you don’t need an electrical outlet or even sunshine to charge your phone is what the Thermochargers team is after.

Broadway to Go


“Broadway to Go is a small-scale wireless professional stage lighting system designed for small- and medium-sized venues,” Jablonksi said. “One of our really big things we wanted to push for was the outdoor venues. It dovetails really nicely into the sort of considerations we're all having to make now.” Learn More

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