Judging Criteria

Invent Oregon Collegiate Challenge Judging Criteria

All Invent Oregon teams will be evaluated by an independent committee of judges. Judges include business leaders, engineers, elected officials, and policy makers. 


Judges consider a team’s physical prototype demonstration and a three-minute pitch. Teams will pitch their invention to judges as a group and then interact with judges individually to demonstrate and explain their prototype.

Invent Oregon is first and foremost a prototyping competition. We consider prototype development to be as important as business development (market opportunity, business model, and commercial potential). Accordingly, our judging criteria is the following:

  1. Prototype: Scoring should consider the current state of prototype as described in the pitch. Is the prototype innovative? Is the prototype skilfully constructed? Is the prototype functioning? 

  2. Pitch: Scoring should consider the team’s ability to clearly present the problem, solution, and the market/business opportunity in their pitch. Also considered: presentation style, stage presence, and visuals (slides/images).

  3. Impact: Scoring should consider the ability of team’s solution/prototype to have a substantial and scalable positive environmental and/or social impact. 

  4. Progress: Scoring should consider the progress the team has made since beginning the competition. What progress has been made? Did teams accomplish stated goals? 

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