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Wilson Zehr

Business Faculty

Innovation Challenge

Kula Dudes


Kula Dudes created a program of yoga for men. It offers men strength training through asana practice and guidance for healthy living through mindfulness training and accountability in an environment of brotherhood and support.

School Marm Treats


School Marm Treats took on the problem of chronic disease by developing a line of healthy, low-sugar, vegan treats that include a dose of health education. School Marm Treats was made up of Kurtis Russell, a film student, Michelle Russell, an EOU education instructor and Kevin Russell. 



A backpack with a heating unit for cooking food and warming tents. Leslie Thompson goes to school in eastern Oregon where nearby mountains draw backpackers from all over the country and smoke from forest fires sometimes cloud the summer sky. He came up with the idea for a backpack that would negate the need for starting camp fires and built Team Dream.

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