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Oregon State Innovation X


Dale McCauley

Assistant Director

InnovationX Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Impact Oregon Challenge

Finding solutions to the more pressing problems in our community


Brake Boys


“Longboarding has a negative stigma against it because people think that, oh, if you longboard, you're going to get hurt,” Andres said. “A lot of people just immediately are like, oh, wow, I'd be longboarding and go down this big hill and then fall on my face because I don't know how to stop." Learn More

Halo Holds


Halo Holds are designed for rock climbing gym owners looking to make use of limited space and make newcomers to the sport more comfortable. These “smart” climbing holds adjust routes to a variety of levels and are marketed to indoor gyms. 



The SIP detects lead in drinking water with an aim to help schools, workplaces, and homes avoid possible long term detrimental effects on health by preventing people from unknowingly consuming lead in their water.

Ideation Station


Ideation Station created a STEAM-based experiential curriculum that brings invention to rural and under-served communities via a mobile makerspace. Ideation Station was led by Moriah Shay, a management student at Oregon State University.



The five students who make up Team Medivac are dedicated to making life easier for the more than 100 million people in the U.S. who live with diabetes. Medivac’s invention, a portable and durable cooler for medications — like insulin — that need a stable temperature to be effective, was inspired by news of diabetic deaths in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Smart Strike


“The whole purpose of this product is to be your digital running coach,” said Jon Cordisco, a junior studying mechanical and manufacturing engineering at Oregon State University and a cofounder of Smart Strike. Learn More


Seiji's Bridge


Seiji’s Bridge designed therapy toys for students with autism. Seiji’s Bridge was led by Alex Dassise, a business student at Oregon State University.

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