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Heather Griffo

BA Department Chair

(PCC Sylvania)

PCC PitchFest

Vend Renter


The women behind Team Vend Renter set out to make life easier for people like themselves: busy professionals with kids who want to do it all. Their sustainably powered outdoor kiosk provides wi-fi service and equipment rental in one place.

Royal Family Adventures


Royal Family developed a program for affordable vacations to improve the mental health and environmental awareness of families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to travel and take time off. The PCC team was comprised of students Mike Lord, Sky Grady, Alan Salazar and Irvin Rojas.

Sunlight Bites


Sunlight Bites is seeking to solve the lack of access to plant-based convenience foods by providing local produce and ready-to-eat snacks directly to employees in workplaces. The Sunlight Bites team is made up of Portland Community College students  Lora Schmuecker and Noemy Orozco.

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