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Abigail Ven Gelder

Director of Center for Entrepreneurship

Stacey Hoshimiya

Assistant Director

PSU Cleanteach Challenge

The PSU Cleantech Challenge is an exciting competition for campus cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs. Undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and faculty are invited to compete for $10,000 in grants and prizes

Do you have an inspired solution to one of today's most pressing environmental problems? Take your concept from idea to reality with the 2019 PSU Cleantech Challenge. Now open to all PSU Students!




“We all share space on this planet. We need to be able to continue to live on this planet,” Brauer said. “There's all these intersectional issues within environmentalism. This is a very fixable thing that is not just a technology problem. Learn More

Lite Devices


In the Pacific Northwest, we’re familiar with smoky summer skies and the anguish caused by forest fires. The Lite Devices Team set out to do something about it.  Inspired by the Columbia Gorge fire and its aftermath two years ago, Seth Rohrbach, Kai Brooks and Mikhail Mayers connected through a computer science class project and came up with the idea for a network of sensors that would help detect forest fires before they get out of control.

Bio CleanTech


Bio CleanTech developed a wastewater purification device designed for use in the lab. The team includes Bashar Al-Daomi, a PhD student in environmental engineering and Mohammad Osman an engineer and PSU alum.

SMO Solutions


SMO Solutions stands for “symbiotically modified organism,” and the team developed a new plant system that does not compete with food production, can address atmospheric carbon dioxide issues, can grow in inhospitable environments and provide the biomass fuel necessary to move society away from its dependence on fossil fuels.



Nexgarden farms are aimed at bringing simple, self-sustaining, local food production to urban neighborhoods in the U.S and abroad. Designed for high-efficiency aeroponic vegetable growing, Nexgarden was led by PSU sustainability student Hugh Neri and University of Oregon alumnus Skyler Pearson.

Turner Automotive


Henry Ford didn’t invent automobile, but he made it affordable and brought cars to the masses. That’s the innovation that inspires Team Turner Automotive, Blake Turner and Sean Krivonogoff of Turner Automotive have developed a kit that can turn any gas powered car into a hydrogen-powered vehicle.



A new age of space travel is here and now, and if Open Source Rocket Academy—code name OSRA—has any part of it, there will be a whole lot more aerospace engineers to confront the challenges ahead. Learn More




Recycl3D collected plastic from school lunch rooms, breaking it down and extruding it into filaments to be used in 3D printers. Recycl3D was led by Luis Castro, Saul Martinez, Cristofer Flores and Lorenzo Alvarez, students at McKay High School in Salem and Tyler Hull, an electrical engineering student at Portland State University.

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