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Health-focused teams from Oregon State advance to InventOR

Team Medivac and Team Identifi are advancing to the inventOR semifinal round.

Oregon State University College of Business held its annual Innovation Challenge April 24 and two teams from that pool joined the #RoadtoInventOR. They will be joining teams from 16 other colleges and universities from across the state at the InventOR semifinal round later this month.

Ashlynn Gallagher pitched for Indentifi.

Identifi has come up with a low-cost diagnostic test for the harmful Zika virus that will deliver results in less that two minutes. The methodology, which involves the use of easy to transport test strips has gone through seven different trials with some 700 individual tests and saw a 99 percent accuracy rate.

Tyler Loescher pitched for Medivac.

The second advancing team from OSU, Medivac, has invented a hybrid cooling device for safely storing insulin, aiming at the market of more than 30 million Americans with diabetes. The device uses both active and passive cooling technologies and is about the size of a lunch box.

We can't wait to see the prototypes from Medivac and Identifi at the semifinals later this month!

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