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On the trail of better pack equipment

Adam (left) and Ted Babuka of TrailHungry. (

Traveling with an international group, Youth With a Mission, Adam Babuka, spent close to a decade living out of a backpack in remote reaches of more than 30 countries from Uganda to Afghanistan, China to Russia. During that time he was doing community development work serving local communities with medical supplies and food distribution and other related programs. He became frustrated by the lack of versatile backpacking equipment—the range of tools he needed to set up a safe camp with clean drinking water weren’t available in a convenient package.

Well, they are now.

Meet the UKA, Adam’s multi-tasking campsite hero: a water filtration system, a stable campsite table (with a cutting board), a camp stool, and an easy-haul bucket—not to mention some other uses that are probably yet to be improvised.

Adam, UKA's inventor and an MBA student at the University of Portland, started TrailHungry with his brother, Ted Babuka, who is also pursuing a MBA and serves as CFO.

Watch this video for a primer on TrailHungry’s invention:

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