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Two teams from Klamath Community College join the #RoadtoInventOR

When it comes to feeding a growing global population, high-tech agriculture will be a key part of our future food chain. The students at Klamath Community College in Southwestern Oregon had this challenge in mind when they prepared their prototype inventions for the Badger Venture Competition last week in Klamath Falls.

Two teams from Badger Venture advanced to the InventOR Collegiate Challenge competition and will be pitching their inventions at the semifinal round in a few weeks.

Team EcoPlot, pictured above, has come up with a simple way for individuals to grow nutrient-rich vegetables at home.

Meanwhile, Team Livestock Tracking System, pictured above, has come up with a passive livestock tracking system to alert farmers and ranchers to any problems with their livestock, and help ensure the health of each animal.

We look forward to seeing both teams for the InventOR Semifinals, a Lab2Market experience held in Portland May 17-19.

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