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Rogue Inventors Challenge



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Mission Franklini


Mission Franklini was made up of Nicholas Mantheakis, biology, Uriah Barrows, physics and Thomas Close, engineering. More than half of North America’s 4,000 native bee species have been shown to be in serious decline and this RCC team used technology to provide scientists with a tool to autonomously track bee populations, providing an early warning system for scientists.

Turner Motor Company


Turner Motor Company has developed a low-cost device that can convert an existing gas-burning engine to burn hydrogen instead. The RCC team was made up Blake Turner and Harley Bruno, mechanical engineering and film student Mel Turner.

Pet Prosthetics


Using 3-D printing technology, Team Pet Prosthetics came up with a way to give new life to these injured dogs. Friends who met in Engineering Club caught wind of a problem discussed among veterinary technicians: the lack of a good, cost-effective solution for dog owners whose pets have lost a leg.

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