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Raider Demo Day


Erik Palmer, Ph.D. 

Professor of Media Innovation

Communication, Media & Cinema Program

Southern Oregon University


Raider Demo Day

Innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors at Southern Oregon University: are you ready to take your best ideas to the big leagues?

Here’s how:

  • Come up with a dynamic idea for an invention, technology or creative startup.

  • Build a compelling pitch deck for your idea. Your deck should be created in Google Slides, include 8–12 slides, support a spoken presentation of 6–8 minutes, and answer the following questions: what is your invention or idea? What is the name of your proposed product, service or company? What does your idea look like? Who should use your product or service? Who else is on the team that will help you develop your idea?

  • By Mar. 15, 2024, submit the link to your deck and provide other information about your pitch via this Google form.


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