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Innovation Challenge




Dr. Ulf Spears


Better Brain and Body


Better Brain and Body, founded by Medrano and Marcos Romero-Turner, both seniors at Warner Pacific and competing in this year’s Invent Oregon Collegiate Challenge, created a protein bar infused with shilajit for athletes and students that can improve their health and help them focus on the field and in the classroom. Learn More

Lyfe Tech


Lyfe Tech developed the LYFE (stands for Leave Yesterday’s Fears Extinct) system to deploy kevlar vests inside classrooms in the event of active shooter situations.  William Luckett and Alex Figueroa, both student-athletes at Warner Pacific College, developed LYFE TECH in response to recent school shootings.



What is Euphoria? The team wants you to forget Webster’s definition and think instead of a backpack that wants to save the earth. Made from upcycled, reused materials and sporting an air filter and an eco-friendly device charter, the Euphoria backpack is designed to inspire.

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