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Invent Oregon is back for its 8th annual competition!

Updated: 6 days ago

On June 27th, Oregon's best collegiate innovators will unveil their groundbreaking projects designed to shape a brighter future for everyone. Each year students from across the state showcase their innovative ideas and compete for more than $30k in prizes, gaining a lifelong network in the process. The competition, presented by the Portland State University Center for Entrepreneurship and now in its 8th year, offers a creative challenge for the participants full of dramatic setbacks and successes culminating in the final competition.The Invent Oregon finals for the first time will be hosted by The University of Oregon, down in Eugene in one of the state’s best atriums. This year finals will feature over 12 collegiate schools from across the state. The pitches start at noon, Tickets are available here. Meet the teams: Hubbard Hook, Clackamas Community College 

Christian Hubbard, Stephanie Serrano designed a fully adjustable wall mounting system that allows users to hang and level art in one step.

Octochef, George Fox University Nick Barbuto, Darien Toll, Josiah Sohus, Maddie Koch designed a space saving, dishwasher friendly, cooking utensil set with 2 handles and 8 interchangeable heads.

Posy Wall, Klamath Community College Gabrielle Martin and Brianne Bagge created a Fully adjustable floor to ceiling TV mounting system that “poses” as a temporary built in unit.

Noble Thunder, Klamath Community College Zane Hancock and Seth Wright revolutionizing the tool industry with dependable depth set guides for hand drilling. 

Ice, Lewis & Clark College Alex DeNuzzo and Farjad Andrianina Madataly designed a Social signifier device paired with a social application that helps users break the ice and make new friends in person. Coré, OHSU Chloé Le Moing designed a wellness check system for medical providers to address burnout and fatigue in the workplace.

EaziStep, OHSU Joshua Vanderpool and Ildar Fazulyanov are innovating the healthcare world with their transforming medical device that provides multiple mobility options as a knee scooter and hands-free crutch for foot and ankle injuries.

Second Life Solar/ SEPT, Oregon Institute of Technology 

Adama Tourea and Jordan Harris-Toovy designed a low cost fault detection technology that monitors the life of solar panels to identify opportunities for repair and mitigates waste.

FairPlay Challenge, Oregon Institute of Technology Grant Kightlinger and Molly Grace created educational escape room kits for middle school students learning about social justice. 

Solo Solutions, Oregon State University 

Edgar Martinez Guzman and Nathan Matthews designed a control device for mobility scooters that allows users to automate attachment to car lift.

Jensa Wellness, Oregon State University 

Jennelle Andersen, Sierra Sotela, Nikki Gramm and Tara McDonnell created Shapewear undergarments delivering targeted heat therapy to relieve PMS symptoms.

Arachne Intimates, Portland State University Asha Keck, Hannah Oran, Colette Wolf and Chone Poe created accessibility lingerie for users and partners with limited mobility.

EarthGuard Filters, Portland State University Micheal Van Sant and Kyle Klein created Biodegradable hemp filters for cigarettes.

Rogue Rescue Gear, Rogue Community College 

Vaughn Myers, Phoenix Betoushana, Benjamin Kerr, Camilo Villagrana and Salvador Ramirez have created an Extreme weather sleeping bag for people experiencing homelessness.

Ancile Systems, Rogue Community College

Carter Stewart and Emmett Allen designed an automatic Field Tourniquet with built in biometric sensors to read vitals and adjust pressure, reducing human error in applying tourniquets in the field.

Sploot, Southern Oregon University

Brittney Mesica, Greyson Nutley, Brian Angelo, and Kamek Morser have created a GPS dog collar and social app for dog owners to match their dogs with potential playdates in their area.

Team Treble Clef, Umpqua Community College

Rory Jordan and Joanna Clark are ready to change the music industry with their custom attachment for standard music stands to hold instrument gear.

Evostrike, University of Oregon 

Nathaniel Chea is innovating the combat sports industry by creating durable and sustainable Muay Thai Gloves. Lift Lite Chair, Willamette University Logan Heagerty has created a Lightweight mobile mechanical chair lift using kinetics and leverage to assist the user into a standing or seated position.

Invent Oregon wouldn’t be possible without our presenting sponsors including the Lemelson Foundation, Business Oregon, The Ford Family Foundation, Stoel Rives, Horan MediaTech and Portland State University. Get your tickets to the finals here:

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