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Teams powered by 3-D printing advance from Rogue Community College

Rogue Community College is advancing EcoPlastics and Pet Prosthetics to the InventOR Semifinals next month.

The first team, EcoPlastic, is working to develop sustainable solutions to plastic dinner and flatware from a renewable source.

EcoPlastic wants to address the problem of single-use plastics.
Team EcoPlastic from Rogue Community College.

In addition a RCC team including Tom Close, Harley Bruno, Stormi Bacus, Emma Holt, Loren Langdon, and Diana Porter have come up with a way to use a 3-D printer to produce affordable prosthetics for pets!

Imagine using a 3-D printer to inexpensively produce a custom prosthetic leg for fido! Pet Prosthetics is on the case.

Some members of the Pet Prosthetics team from Rogue Community College.

We look forward to seeing these and other prototypes at the InventOR semifinal competition next month!

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