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Dose: Medication Simplified

Ryan Jarvis is a senior studying accounting at the University of Portland and the founder of Dose.

Dose, an InventOR team from the University of Portland, wants to simplify the way people manage their prescriptions by providing user-friendly tools to organize, store, and dispense medications.

Ryan Jarvis is a senior studying accounting at the University of Portland and the founder of Dose. Jarvis was inspired to develop the Dose One Pill + prescription management system after experiencing the difficulty his grandmother had with managing her medications. Jarvis’ solution: simplify the process.

Describe your invention?

The Dose One Pill + is the first standardized version of controlled substance dispensing. The system contains three products. First, the Dose Home Station is a centralized device that dispenses medication and refills the Dose One Pill portable device. The Dose Storage is a canister designed to refill medications to and from the pharmacy and load the medications into the Dose Home Station. The last Dose One Pill is a circular portable automatic pill dispenser that attaches to and is refilled by the Dose Home Station.

What is the specific environmental, social, or community problem your team seeks to address?

Dose’s mission is to lower the risk of misusing highly addictive medications, such as opioids. Dose seeks to improve the performance and usage of prescription medication by helping patients accurately adhere to the dosage prescribed by their doctors. By creating a system that regulates and monitors how medications are dispensed, we believe we can drastically reduce incidents of accidental misuse of prescription medication.

What is the market for your team’s invention?

Dose wants to create two different versions of the Dose One Pill +. First is a streamline version of the product designed to be sold as a byproduct to individuals who are or are planning on taking highly addictive medication. This streamline version would be sold to consumers through insurance as a medical equipment device. The second product would be a retail version equipped with more technological features designed to simplify the pharmacy refill process. Dose would seek to sell this product directly to consumers on Dose’s website alongside selling at pharmacy locations.

If your team wins InventOR, what is your plan for the prize money?

If Dose wins InventOR, we would invest the prize money into further research and development of the Dose One Pill +. Any remaining funds after development would go directly to securing patents and licensing associated with the product.

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